Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dead Robot

Hey update Space Travellers:  My Laptop is out of commission, so no updates for the last week or for the next week probably.  I can't edit vLogs or upload pictures for the time being.  ASUS customer support is getting a nasty phone call tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Who Needs a Title?

I can't find it Space Travelers! I can't find my car title! I've searched all of the boxes that I never planned on unpacking, I've searched my car, I've searched my desk! It is not to be found on this Monday or any other Monday for that matter. I don't even want to find it but I need to if I'm going to get license plates in Virginia. My plates expire this month. While searching for it though, I found a few things of interest:

-A note from the custodian in my last residence hall
-A box of love letters written to me
-Childhood photos
-Eyeglass repair kit
-Lock-picking gear
-The "California or Bust" sign I taped in my car window on my roadtrip
-A credit card
-A bunch of software
-My laptop's warranty

The last one is particularly useful right now because I'm having a shit of a time with my computer. I think my video card is dying and some other stuff is acting nasty too.

In other news, I purchased a round trip to England from July 3rd to July 15th. This means I'll celebrate our independence from the British... with the British. I'm going to a pub on the 4th, and I won't return until someone has kicked my ass. Promise. To continue with the current theme of being all around kind of disorganized, I realized that my passport expired... today. I went online to print out the form and when I tried to print it out, I couldn't because I had not reinstalled my printer since my fresh install of windows from two day prior. In the process of installing the drivers, I got blue screened.


Well, that's the news. I have no real plan on the England thing, but I'm figuring it out. Editing has been put on hold until I fix the computer. It's acting like a "piece of shit," but who needs a title?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Coffee and TV

Buenos Dias Space Travelers. I see that there are new know space travelers following the blog. I'm glad to have your readership and as I'm looking to expand my little inter-niche here, I'm thinking to the future. I still am editing vLogs for NYC, Miami, DC, and Seattle. I know I say that a lot, but it's true. It's hard to do this while I'm traveling, but if I didn't travel, what would I be filming anyways. We're soon approaching a the one year anniversary of the vLogs. I'm hoping I can do something for that as well.

While I was in Seattle with Space Traveler Kelroy, I had a few discussions about the blog, the vLog and what is next for this place. When I started, I originally wanted to do something more on the Ze Frank side of vLogging, but it didn't feel right. Since then, I've been just filming and learning the art of the camera (my kung-fu is good) and hoping that I'd eventually figure out what I wanted to do. So Kelroy and I were sitting in a coffee shop and I think I got my idea finally.

Stay tuned Space Travelers. More to come.

Also, if you are a fan of reading backwards, I have updated the labels in the sidebar to a drop down menu for ease of searching. Stay cool.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

5000 Hits!

Oh wow Space Travelers! 5000 hits! This is the web equivalent of turning 16. The site is still young, but it's been around long enough to do some new things. I'm glad for all those who have left comments over the years. I hope that I can offer more in the future.

Thank you Space Travelers!

Friday, May 1, 2009

A Cheers From a Forgotten Blog

Greetings from Seattle Space Travelers. I wrote this on a old blog from some 4 years ago. I wrote it the evening I turned 22. A couple weeks ago I turned 26. I thought I would seek out and find it then repost it for everyone here.

A Cheers

Now at 22,
looking back
I see that my training wheels are off
and that I am finally a part of life.
So to those
who helped me
I give you

To Jeremy’s departure.
If you had not left
I would have latched on to you

To the kids with razor tongues and spiteful eyes.
Not envy,
just destruction.
Because you made me
Hate you
and love

To Smarts.
For making me survive
jealous love
Yet still laugh at all my
Desperate jokes.

To Kathy.
The first lamb
ever thought
I could

To Jose.
you became family
and truly my

To Taylor.
A partner in crime,
A madman with
cap and a camera.
We could have been rivals,
We choose to be best friends.
Don’t ever quit.

To Corinne.
You told me
to do what ever it takes
to make myself free.
And I’ve been doing my best.
I’m glad you can swim
in the stardust
and sleep in peace

To the kids with shining wheels and the girls with the tight sweaters.
Fuck you.

To Steph.
For imagination.
For respect.
For love.

To countless teachers and counselors.
For not believing in me.
For the patience they denied.
For my time they took.
For every “F.”
I’ll still win without you.

To Sensei.
For commanding my respect
in my youth.
Not an easy task.

To Dr. Toste.
Never my teacher,
just a grumpy old man
Never afraid to remind me
That I was just
asshole kid
dancing like jackass
on the paper thin stage of
Thank you,
And I’m sorry,
Pot-luck means bring something,
I’ll never forget again.

To Meagan.
For innocence
For focus.
For near death.

To the bird.
For shitting on my car.
Or at least trying

To Dr. Fannin.
For exercising no compassion
For a 2ft yard stick.
fuck you too.

To every genius I encounter.
For keeping me sober and humble.
I could be just like you.
But my dunce cap
keeps me warm

To Mother,
For the leather skin,
For the weapon of reason,
For the weapon of forgiveness.
I wield them well
Do great harm.

To Ismael,
You wanted me to be; to exist.
Thank you
for your

To Junior Flores.
For training my ears
to the tune
of a sweet and low tongue
that speaks only artificial sweetener.
Still a donkey
with his
carrot in the mud

To Senior Flores.
For training my heart
To speak.
For poems.
For songs.
For something human.
Check me out.

To Maia.
To a hero.
My sister
most loyal fan

To boys with hungry mouths and loose zippers.
Because they never taste life,
And their zippers will eventually rust.

To Father,
For a legacy,
For pride,
For compassion,
For real masculinity,
For strength.
I’ll never cut my hair.
I’ll never say die.

Kanpai. (Cheers.)

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