Monday, September 29, 2008

It's coming...

Hang on Space Travelers...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chapter 22, Verse 1: Silent Honesty on the September 11th

Dear Space Travelers, I feel the need to share an experience with you. I usually keep this light hearted, especially these days. However, I'm compelled to put my heart on my sleeve today. I consider myself to be quite patriotic. Despite those times I've voiced cynicism, I've tried my best to always contribute to my community and encourage others to do so as well. I have my talents and skills and I try my bet to contribute to a great society, but I know that others will always be smarter or have better fit talents to achieve real change.

I lost a very dear friend 6 years ago. Since then I've pondered the human reaction to loss. I loved her dearly as friend and felt that the world had truly lost a great mind and perhaps a greater heart. It felt so important to carry on, so I assumed her life motto as my own.

"Do whatever it takes to make yourself free."

I've been trying. It's hard, and many times it's been lonely. She was a writer, and she encouraged me to express myself in poems. She helped me understand when that thought in my head was inspiration and taught me how to grab a hold of it.

Last night, I felt it. So to you I share...

I drove back from Annapolis last night around 1:00AM and as I passed the Pentagon in those late hours I found it kind of solemn and honorable. At that moment in the soft blue and white light that bathed it's once wounded walls, I found a certain silent reverence. The calm honesty only meant to be shattered as people would flood in this morning for the memorial service at 8:00 AM. Many words were spoke this morning, but spoken like the words of men who can't appreciate the deafening truth that only silence brings. I had my midnight moment with the building, and I drove home. No person could better tell me what else I should feel on this day.

My ride home takes me past Arlington cemetery. From the road you can't see the fields of white marble, but you can feel them. And for those who fell on September 11th, 2001, they will forever have the company of our beloved armed servicemen and women who have fallen in the wars to follow. Now they rest at a tragically even ratio. There is no soft blue and white light for those in Arlington. Their honor is paid to them at a discounted price. A painful honor which the families are asked to kindly mourn out of view in those waking hours every day.

Arlington National Cemetery

Today as a nation mourns the death of thousands, I join in and mourn for one: A friend, whom the world will never know.

Corinne Rose Cox
Corinne Rose Cox 11-28-82 to 07-13-02 Happy Birthday Rinnie As simple as breathing We picture your face All tangled in daydreams And shielded with grace We feel you beside us again. As certain as sunrise your image unwinds You're clearer than crystal, You fill up our minds Now we have you by our side We can always close our eyes, Take your absence by surprise, Hold our breath and make believe. Love you Rinnie Rose

Rinne's Obituary

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chapter 21, Verse 1: Spore, Evolution, and Computer Reformatiing



I like computers Space Travelers, but I'm about to assert some good old reptilian brain methods of prehistoric violence style solutions to fix mine. By "fix" I mean, to neuter.

So Kit got Spore... You know spore right? The "Sim Everything" universe God simulator where you start as a single cell life form and expand into a galactic civilization. After Watching Kit for some time, temptation grabbed me. I decided to purchase it. Since I also recently purchased a giant terrabyte external hard drive, I figured now was a good time to reformat my computer. I had yet to do a clean install of Vista since my laptop's purchase in December. Other than Spore, I had some additional photo and video editing software I was going to put on the computer so I could make new contributions to the blog and vlog.

It's now day 4 of trying to get this to work...

Blue screen count: 25
Anger DEFCON: 4

Dear Space Travellers, I'm losing my patience. I'm trying to be a well evolved creature of the earth but I'm slowly showing my animal side with this endeavor. Tonight, I am going to have to start from scratch I fear. However, first I will simply try doing a few system restores at various points and/or try uninstalling and reinstalling some software.

It doesn't make much sense. Skype worked just fine, and now if I start it up, it blue screens me.


Well, tonight, I'm going to go eat some righteous Thai food and go bowling to calm my nerves. As always, I'll keep filming, and one day I'll be able to bring back the vLogs.

So in the end, after all the blue screens and hours of computer butt hurt, will Spore be worth it? Space Travelers, it will be worth every second.

Monday, September 1, 2008

OMG Sidebar Addition

I decided that I'd add something to the sidebar today. I thought I'd promote some learning fun in a viral sense. I love to go to Wikipedia and let myself just end up somewhere. I will begin linking to my favorite entries.

To the internets Space Travelers!


I bought a new camera. This means I'll be able to better filmatron the vLogs Space Travelers. I'm working on the next vLog. It's a little harder because I'm learning new software to do it. Adobe Premiere is no joke and many changes have been made since the last time I used it back in 2004.I guess I need to name it... Any suggestions?

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