Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Chapter Zero: The Beginning Verses.

Well before I go on my big trip, I'm going on my little trip. by little trip I mean a delegation with 11 others from UMR to NACURH, the worlds largest student run conference/organization. Acting as UMR's National Communications Coordinator, I am assisting with leading the delegation.

This year's NACURH is in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin at the University of Wisconsin (don't shoot me for the redundancy). Currently I am in Rolla, helping with all the needed preparations before we leave on Thursday morning.

Here is a photo of some of the delegation. A fun bunch really, they will do well. They are full of spirit and they are as pumped as I am!Patrick found a four leaf clover, however if that weren't enough, he then found a five leaf clover. amazing. Moreover, he was wearing a lucky charms shirt, so everyone thinks that Patrick is mega lucky.
The trip will go as follows...

Verse 1: Springfield to Rolla: 106 miles (about 1hr 44min)
Days: 1 (Tuesday May 29)

Verse 2: Rolla: Prepare delegation for NACURH.
Days: 1 (Wednesday May 30)

Verse 3: Rolla to Osh Kosh: 543 miles (about 8hr 49min)
Days: 1 (Thursday May 31)

Verse 4: Osh Kosh / NACURH: A time for programs and legislation.
Days: 3 (Friday June 1 - Sunday June 3)

Verse 5: Osh Kosh to Springfield: 647 miles (about 10hr 22min)
Days: 1 (Monday June 4)

You can check out the trip in the sidebar -->. Also you should check out http://www.nacurh.org/ for more information on NACURH. For more information on the conference itself go to http://www.mio.uwosh.edu/nacurh/ to learn things about what we will be doing while we are there.

Prologue Go!

Saturday, May 26, 2007


I forgot! I meant to tell you some things about my travels. In total I will be gone from Springfield for 53 days. I will have traveled 5,208 miles in Johnny Freedom Kar (JFK) and ate my fair share or taco bell to go.

13 Chapters For The Road.

This schedule is subject to change, but for now this is pretty solid. Anyway, here is where I will be and when this summer. It is my hope to have at least one post per chapter on the trip with photos. Because of the limited access to the internet, especially during the travel chapters, some posts will come a few days after the fact. Please enjoy.

Chapter 1: Springfield to Phoenix: 1300 miles (about 18hr 27min)
Days: 3 (Friday June 8 – Sunday June 10)

Chapter 2: Phoenix: A short excursion in Phoenix to visit Ryan’s family.
Days: 3 (Monday June 11 – Wednesday June 13)

Chapter 3: Phoenix to San Diego: 355 miles (about 5hr 19min)
Days: 1 (Thursday June 14)

Chapter 4: San Diego: The main portion of the trip.
Days: 22 (Friday June 15 - Friday July 6)

Chapter 5: San Diego to San Francisco: 502 miles (about 7hr 45min)
Days: 1 (Saturday July 7)

Chapter 6: San Francisco: A visit with my cousin Makoto, and my uncle Steven.
Days: 4 (Sunday July 8 – Wednesday July 11)

Chapter 7: San Francisco to Everett: 838 miles (about 13hrs 22min)
Days: 2 (Thursday July 12 – Friday July 13)

Chapter 8: Everett / Seattle: A time to spend with the girlfriend.
Days: 9 (Saturday July 14 – Sunday July 22)

Chapter 9: Everett to Spirit Lake: 1648 miles (about 23hr 3min)
Days: 3 (Monday July 23 – Wednesday July 25)

Chapter 10: Spirit Lake: A quick visit to my Aunt.
Days: 1 (Thursday July 26)

Chapter 11: Spirit Lake to Kansas City: 384 miles (about 6hr 36min)
Days: 1 (Friday July 27)

Chapter 12: Kansas City: A quick visit to friends in Kansas City.
Days: 2 (Saturday July 28 – Sunday July 29)

Chapter 13: Kansas City to Springfield: 176 miles (about 3hrs 17min)
Days: 1 (Monday July 30)

You can also check out the link in the side bar. -->

Monday, May 21, 2007

Chi Hits The Road

So here goes, I'm going on a road trip, and your coming too... well kind of... in a weird internet, not getting a tan kind of way.

Check back soon for the travel schedule.

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