Monday, August 31, 2009

Alive Again

I've been letting my brain stir lately Space Travelers. I've been asking myself why I haven't been writing? Where has my desire gone?

Perhaps I've been flirting a little too close to Web 3.0 standards of internet experience and I just haven't brought anything new to the table. Perhaps I've been spending time on other forums writing my ideas or commenting on other people's thoughts. It just wont do. I am now at full computer capacity again save for the fact I can't use my old Photoshop install anymore on my new computer. Other than that, I've lost bit of data, or it would seem. There is missing video on my memory cards that for whatever reason, won't come off. I've let this hang up stop me from updating for too long and I can't let what happened to the blog happen again. It's easy to let a blog die when everything doesn't go "just" right. It's too easy to get over concerned with little thematic details and not publish until every little detail is right. This is an error. I knew it then. I know now. Just write and let it be imperfect. We hardly celebrated our 5000 hits Space Travelers. Thanks for reading, and I promise, I still have plenty of stories to come.

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